Sputnik Moments


I have to admit, I hadn’t thought about Sputnik for years. To me, watching Sputnik streak across the sky that November night in 1957, was more about relationship than the dawn of a new age. My dad and I in the backyard, witness to a remarkable technological achievement while the miracle of life was unfolding inside our house, culminating in the birth of my baby brother, Trevor. Life that night changed in an instant. It changed me, my parents, my street, my country and the world.

So, when I heard President Obama speak of that “Sputnik Moment” that changed America, in his State of the Union Address, I was instantly taken back to a time and place where my world was irrevocably changed.

“Sputnik Moments” are life changers, most often recognized in hindsight. What if we could capture these moments and garner the momentum that they provide? What if we were able to chart future directions like that streak of light speeding through the sky? What might we achieve if we are present enough to capture the essence of these life-changing moments and use these to drive our ideas, our dreams and our contributions forward? What an exciting challenge, capturing transitional moments in real time and using them to propel ourselves into our best future. What might be achieved if we are truly awake to the possibilities presented to us in these moments?

Think “Sputnik Moments”. The moments are unique to you. Are you present enough to capture these moments in real time? What will it take for you to slow down long enough to watch that metaphorical sky and capture the essence of “Sputnik”? What magnificent light will you bring to your family, your street, your country and your world?