About Trish

I currently live, work and play in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but have been inspired by the people I have met in all of the places I have lived throughout my life, including the UK, Canada and the US.

I am a Coach with an extensive background in psychotherapy, and that foundation provides me with valuable insight into just how we create our own barriers against success. It also allows me to work more quickly with clients to find that “Achilles heel” that is holding them back.

I have worked in senior leadership positions in all sectors, including non-profit and corporate settings. With experience as a Corporate Director and an Executive Director in a non-profit organization, I have first hand knowledge of the issues that can get in the way of achieving personal and professional success.

As a certified Coach, and as your thinking partner, I have the distance and the skill to help you release the potential that has thus far remained untapped.  Think of Coaching as a mining operation — you are the gold we are bringing to the surface.

In addition to my other professional roles, I am also certified in traumatic stress intervention practices. As National Manager of Trauma Response for an Employee Assistance Program, I have been responsible for implementing intervention strategies that include 9/11 response, workplace accidents and working closely with key leaders during workplace change and restructuring. This has given me tremendous insight into the issues that are impacting senior leaders today.

As your Coach I will always be in your corner, will work with you towards your best success and will be a constant reminder to you to achieve at your highest and most productive level.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Trish Stenson MSW, RSW, CEC

P.S. We all have many professional “lives” in our lifetimes. If you want to check out mine, you can access my complete resume on LinkedIn.