Creativity is fluid. It knows no boundaries and it cannot be corralled. Creativity requires space, room, time and intense focus. It needs to be free to evolve.

The discipline required to achieve the right ingredients is also the source of much frustration. The negotiating to achieve the right recipe often inhibits and defies success and guarantees internal conflict. The angst.

What a “brain collapsing” challenge. It takes courage and intense commitment to be successful, remain disciplined, keep a business focus and create your art whatever the form.

It can be a mammoth task to do this alone. Coaching is designed to provide the time and structure that supports you in your quest for success and creativity. As your Coach, we can do the heavy lifting together, as a team. As a team we will create that authentic space for your work to flow through!

No question that you will succeed. The only question is how far do you want to go?