Coaching Profiles

You are about to explore profiles for various types of clients that have already benefited from my Coaching services. Please don’t hesitate to contact me even if you don’t see yourself reflected in these pages.

Everyone is unique, and the decision about which Coach might be the right fit for you is based on the level of professional training and experience of the Coach, combined with a good dose of intuition about the type of Coach that you instinctively feel that you can work with.

Have a read and then let’s have a chat. After that you can decide if I’m the right fit for you. After all, a chat costs nothing but the returns could be amazing…

Senior Leader

The demands of a fast-paced corporation or non-profit organization with all of the diverse personalities, bottom line/cost efficiency requirements and the quest for that ultimate competitive advantage and differentiation, is a demanding and challenging environment to lead in.
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You’re moving fast, juggling details and running at a break neck pace. The days are too short, but the work is exciting and exhilarating. Still, demands from friends and family, crucial deadlines and financial obligations are looming.
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Creativity is fluid. It knows no boundaries and it cannot be corralled. Creativity requires space, room, time and intense focus. It needs to be free to evolve. The discipline required to achieve the right ingredients is also the source of much frustration.
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You have goals. You want to succeed. You want to move forward with confidence and clarity. There are so many demands challenging you everyday. It’s hard to keep the love and passion alive when the business of the business takes so much of your time and energy.
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