One of the strengths of having a Coach is actually not letting people know you have one. You let the results speak for themselves.

International Political & Strategic Risk Advisor | EU/Canada

While initially unsure how phone based Coaching could be impactful, roughly 3 sessions into it, I began to understand the impact.  Undergoing Coaching helped me sort out some personal and professional decisions that I had been putting off dealing with. I have since gained a much clearer personal and professional direction.

Senior Manager, Non Profit | Maine, USA

Through Trish Stenson Coaching, I participated in Trish’s career Coaching program that was indeed a life changing experience. Trish’s approach was to focus on my career goals, enabling me to see past the “roadblocks” I had put in place and ultimately helped me to embrace changes that have led to career opportunities and advancement. I could not have made these changes without Trish’s Coaching. This is an excellent program for anyone who is interested in furthering their career.

Product Innovation Manager | Ontario, Canada

Trish has the rare gift of the perfect balance between practicality and magic. She makes the journey between where I am and where I want to be challenging fun and always full of surprises.

Visual Artist | British Columbia, Canada

Trish brings her experience in business, counselling and in life to the Coaching process. She creatively challenged me and, as a result, I have better clarity. Trish’s warmth, persistence and insight created a productive and enjoyable experience.

Account/Relationship Manager | Ontario, Canada

My experience with Trish was a very productive and enjoyable introduction to Coaching.  I found her style to be supportive, smart and funny, and always looked forward to our meetings.  She challenged me to think about my leadership style in new ways, and engaged with both the big ideas and the practical realities of the change processes I was exploring.  She helped me to articulate my vision for future career direction, and to identify what I need to accomplish in order to get there.  I look forward to working with her again, as I approach the milestones and major crossroads ahead.  I have no doubt that I will be successful at achieving my goals with Trish in my corner.

Executive Director, Non Profit | Ontario, Canada

Coaching with Trish makes it possible for me to clear up old stuff that has kept me stuck. She motivates me to deal now, with what I couldn’t for years. Great relief. I know there is a future with my work & play. I feel like I’ve lost 50 lbs of dead weight!

Singer/Songwriter | British Columbia, Canada

My original incentive to have Trish Coach me was to improve my marathon time in the upcoming Boston Marathon. Already in the very first session, Trish identified other core areas in which I was holding myself back from pursuing my dreams and goals. I have long had dreams of following a different career path, changing directions and going after my passion.

Trish is excellent at challenging me, forcing me to identify my goals and, perhaps more importantly, the self-imposed barriers that hold me back from achieving them. At the end of each session, I have homework to work on until the next session, which keeps me on track and accountable for the process-related goals we set during each session.

Trish has helped me to finally see the possibilities that lie in front of me and how simple it really is to start reaching my potential, once the self defeating voice in my head has been quieted. Instead of spinning my wheels by continuing to dream, I now have Trish alongside me, pushing me into action and encouraging me to begin taking the necessary steps that will lead me to my goals.

I am extremely happy with the process thus far — I feel happy and optimistic about what the future will bring.

Pharmacist | Alberta, Canada (future Holistic Nutritionist with own consulting business starting Jan 2012 and marathon runner with a goal time of 3:09 in Boston 2011)