All rates reflect one on one individual Coaching in person, by telephone or video call. When necessary, pricing can be negotiated to ensure that you can access my Coaching services when you need them. Contact me today to discuss your personal requirements.

If you have any questions regarding my rates, please don’t hesitate to contact me at ts@trishstenson.com or call 416-953-8626.

Individual Private Rates

Rates are based on 4 private 30-minute sessions or 2 private 1-hour sessions per month with unlimited email and telephone access as required.

Monthly Individual: $550.00

Quarterly Individual: $1500.00

Hourly Rate: $300.00 (available upon request)

Corporate Rates

All rates are negotiated depending on request. Basic Individual Coaching rates, depending on the level of the leader, begin at $700.00 per month and increase according to type of request and the position of the leader requesting Coaching. Remedial Coaching is also available.

Rates for Team Coaching, Shadow Coaching and Dyadic Coaching are negotiable according to specified requirements. Call me today to discuss your organization’s requirements.


Rates can be negotiated based on request, size of organization and budget. Rates for Senior Managers and Executive Directors are negotiable based on budget. Contact me today to discuss your organization’s requirements.

Rate Policy and Structure:

It is important for me to present a clear and transparent rate structure.  All rates are subject to negotiation depending on request and circumstances.  I encourage you to take full advantage of this flexibility based on your circumstances and needs.

All fees are due at the beginning of each contracted period. Cancellation policy requires a 48 hour advanced notice.  Full rates will be charged if cancellation is less than 48 hours.

For Corporate rates, travel and expenses will be billed separately.

Credit will be given in lieu of reimbursement in situations where Coaching hours in the contract period aren’t fully utilized.

Methods of Payment:

Payments can be submitted via PayPal account or credit card.