The Coach and the King


What is it about the film “The King’s Speech” that captures our interest? Most who are seeing the film weren’t even born at the time of the King’s life or death. Most aren’t monarchist, history buffs or even that interested in period film. The actors are a draw, but I think it’s the film’s message that seems to resonate.

Breaking it down, it’s a film about deep and enduring relationships. Relationships built on deep trust and unwavering belief. The power of which gave everyone portrayed in the film their own powerful voice. The voice that led a nation in wartime, the voice who supported and led that voice to believing that they could and the quieter no less powerful voices of the intimate relationships that supported and believed all along in both of these men and their power to succeed.

As a Coach I was completely transfixed throughout the film. How powerful the relationship between the Coach and the King! How simple the message —“be still, be quiet, listen, breath and believe.” If you do these things then you will find your voice.