One Perfect Swing


“Put your eyes on Bobby Jones. Look at his practice swing, almost like he’s searchin for something. Then he finds it. He got a lot of shots he could choose from. One shot that’s his, authentic shot, and that shot is gonna choose him.  There’s a perfect shot out there tryin’ to find each and every one of us… All we got to do is get ourselves out of its way, to let it choose us.” The Legend of Bagger Vance

Golf, summers game and a life mission to achieve that illusive perfection for many.  Searching for that one perfect swing.  We all aspire to be that success story.  The best of the best.  We look to others who have achieved greatness and step behind them with some “copy cat”  aspiration hoping that we will see what they see and through some kind of magical osmosis achieve as they have.

Our fascination comes into full focus when we see the great ones fall.  We often see these failures as some kind of vindication.  We use the fall from greatness to prove to ourselves that no one has the key to absolute greatness and that disappointment is always just a moment away.  This “ahaa” flaw seeking and focus on failure is the one that supports a continued and tenacious hold on the belief that a limited focus is really the most sensible, best and safe way to navigate our lives.

The fall from greatness, after-all,  is always a grand fall.  Why reach for the stars when a crash landing is the inevitable outcome?  Our minds have a wonderful way to keep us in our safe place.  Dare we challenge it?  What will the challenge cost us?  What will it cost us if we don’t challenge?  It’s easy to see how inertia can quickly set in, keeping us firmly rooted in our familiar and predictable comfort zone.

What if we looked at the world through different eyes.  Eyes that saw the world as Malcolm Gladwell described in “What the Dog Saw.”   Giving ourselves permission to discover our potential from a vantage point that can only be seen through an opposite and vastly different perspective.

  • What would it take to change the way you look at the world?
  • What if you did make that change?
  • What if you stepped out of that safe, secure, cozy comfort zone and dared to target greatness?
  • What if you could truly clear a path to find that “one authentic shot that is trying to find you?”
  • What do you need to step out of your way?

“All we got to do is get ourselves out of its way, to let it choose us… Can’t see that flag as some dragon you got to slay… You got to look with soft eyes… See the place where the tides and the seasons and the turnin’ of the Earth, all come together… where everything that is, becomes one… You got to seek that place with your soul Junuh… Seek it with your hands don’t think about it… Feel it… Your hands is wiser than your head ever gonna be… Now I can’t take you there Junuh… Just hopes I can help you find a way… Just you… that ball… that flag… and all you are… ” The Legend of Baggar Vance