A Bird , A Squirrel, A Dog


Looking out my back door window, early every morning, I am entertained by the comings and goings of numerous squirrels, a beautiful cardinal pair, a couple of Jays and an incredible tight knit group of starlings.  Then, in the early evening, the occasional mouse can be seen scurrying out of some hidden comfortable nest, to catch the crumbs from the feeding tray that has supported all of these animals throughout this exceptionally long and cold winter.

I have been watching everyday, as the daily ritual unfolds with clockwork predictability and amazing harmony.  The only jarring component, in this well-balanced backyard eco-system is Finney Mae, my much loved but predatory dog.  I’m always amazed how a setting so tranquil can turn in a heartbeat, to chaos and fear, when one non-conforming element is introduced.

It doesn’t  matter how I try to intervene.  No amount of training, in an attempt to rewire this primal trait in Finney, makes any difference in her continued quest to be the “queen of garden”.

The result calm to chaos, teamwork becomes a defensive action, tranquility and predictability become dislodged and the yard becomes a battle ground in a fight for survival.

Backdoor window.  The view that keeps on teaching.